Canvaseur, also known as was founded with the primary purpose of curating modern, high quality wall decor and making it accessible to everyone at affordable rates. We started with a small team of 2, and few hundred wall decor from handful of artists. Today we are a proud team of 20, and our catalog has grown.  We have served over 1500 customers from all over the world. For us art is more than just a business – it’s our passion, our grit, our life !

Creative Design

We offer artworks with the most creative designs you can find on the web, ranging from Abstract to animal portraits

100% Money Back Guarantee

Our tradition at TheSalesForum is to always ensure that our customers investment is safe. We ensure a MoneyBack guarantee for any fauly product.

Online Support 24/7

At TheSalesForum you should always feel at home when shopping as we are only one minute from having a conversation